The Birketts Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle - Honorary President

Ian was the Race Director of the RNR since its inception in 1987 and retired from the race in 2011 after 25 highly successful years, having developed the race from a single entry up to today's 60 team limit. Ian represents and promotes the race and serves in a non executive position as advisor to the committee.

Neville Knights - Chairman & Race Director

Neville has been a member of Dereham Runners AC since 1988 but ran his first race, Bungay Marathon (a nightmare) in 1982 after being inspired by the London Marathon. He has always competed widely in the Norfolk race scene but has also run marathons in Dublin, New York, Berlin, Florence, San Sebastion, Paris and of course London. He also tried the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fell race (successfully). He is race Co-ordinator of the Dereham 10 mile and been Dereham's Race Director for the RNR in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He is a UKA Level 2 coach and Race Adjudicator.

Neville is responsible for race policy; press releases; race reports; policy for prizes, permits; nomination, liaison with and arrangements for officials including referees and timekeepers; liaison with sponsors; representative on Norfolk AAA Road Running Committee; Liaison with the event manager at Lynnsport to ensure facilities are in place for the event.

Malcolm Hooker - Marshals Coordinator

Malcolm is a member of Bishop's Stortford Running Club. In his relatively short running career he has completed a number of marathons and an ironman. He has participated in the RNR a number of times both as a runner and team captain/time keeper. Malcolm was Race Director of the Stortford 10 for a number of years. As he is not built for speed his current focus is on endurance and multisport events.

Malcolm is responsible for arrangements for the marshalling of changeovers and other points of duty on the course; liaison with clubs to provide support for the race; production and distribution of 'Marshals Briefing Notes' and 'Marshals Duties' documents. Supply of equipment for changeovers including generators.

Richard Handoll - Course Manager

Richard is a member of Ryston Runners AC. He has been involved with the RNR in various capacities since 1992, running, marking the course and a previous spell on the committee as course director. He has been a recreational runner since his school days and is a regular, if not frequent, competitor in many local races. He mainly runs in off-road trail races, mountain marathons and has completed an Half Ironman triathlon. When a member of Ely Runners, he was time keeper for many of their races.

Richard is responsible for the arrangements for the marking of the course, including changeovers; maintenance of signs and lights required for the course; liaison with and instructions for those clubs signing off-road stages; arrangements for de-signing of the course by sweep vehicle/Intuit scouts; recce/report of proposed changes to the course; start and finish arrangements, including provision of batons; Updating of stage route descriptions.

Hazel Cason - Treasurer

Hazel first joined Dereham Runners in 1999 when a friend got accepted for the 2000 London marathon. She runs all distances on road from 5k to half marathon the first of which was completed in 2014. She has been a regular at the Ryston cross country grand prix for several years. She had been a regular time keeper since Dereham first entered back in 2006 and made her own debut in the race itself last year (2014.She has previously been the Treasurer for Dereham Runners for over 10 years and has been involved with accountancy for over 40 years.

Hazel is responsible for the managing of the event account; policy for all financial matters; officials and committee expenses; maintenance of the register of race property including perpetual trophies; purchase of prizes, mementoes and appearance awards.

Tom Salway - Technical Manager

Tom joined the RNR team in 2014. A long time runner and member of Fenland Running Club, he is now having to come to terms with having to run slowly! Although he has a technical background, he hopes that he can meet the high standards set by his predecessor Rod Baron. Tom loves road running but hates marathons!

Tom is responsible for the provision of technical advice to the committee; design, operation and maintenance of the event website; design and operation of the results service; arrangements for the taking of entries; submission of preliminary and final declarations and production of final team lists; communications during the race; interim result; man race control; maintenance of historical results, updating of race rules; postal codes/ GPS coordinates for changeovers.

Audrey Norbury - Race Secretary

Audrey has been a member of Thetford AC for 10 years. Her first race was the London Marathon in 2005. Since then she has completed over 60 marathons. In the last few years she has realised her ambition to "run long" and now regularly completes in ultra marathons from 30 to 100 miles. She is a UKA Level 1 Coach and Leader in Running Fitness.

Audrey is responsible for the arrangements and agenda for committee meetings; production of minutes; correspondence; arrangements for prize-giving in consultation with RD; register of holders and return of perpetual trophies; collection of interim timesheets ; registration and briefing of teams at Lynnsport; provision of timing sheets; provision of race numbers and signs for team vehicles.

Brendan Wilson - Facilities Coordinator

Brendan is a member of City of Norwich AC. As a keen footballer he originally joined CoNAC to improve his fitness. Since becoming a runner he has completed numerous races at every distance from 5k to full marathon. As a member of the CoNAC Road Running Committee he is involved with much of the behind the scenes work. He is also responsible for co-ordinating the CoNAC Monday night club run for 'beginners and improvers'.

Brendan is responsible for obtaining clearance for the use of facilities on the course and maintain facilities spreadsheet; arrangements for refreshment facilities on the course. Supply of radios and Portaloos. Management of RNR Facebook and Twitter accounts; event photograph competition. merchandise and support contracts including water and transport. Assist RD in obtaining sponsorship.

Safety Officer - position currently vacant

The safety officer advises the committee on all matters related to safety; is responsible for the production of race safety rules; 'recce' of alternative access points on the course for support vehicles; notifying Norfolk Police HQ and stations of the event; notifying local authorities on the course of the event; informing teams of lighting up times and the local weather forecast for race weekend; production of the race risk assessment; during the race monitor safety behaviour of teams and report serious infringements to the chief referee; produce a post-race safety report; child protection officer;

Support Personnel

Course Team: Karen Wagge and Graham Bocking (Collection of signs, equipment monitor); Gordon Reid (Storage of signs and lights).


Referees: Eamonn Dorling and Peter Osborne.
Timekeepers: Chief Timekeeper - Steve Carrott; Assistant timekeepers - Gaye Clarke, Jennie Grimwood and Lisa Jennings.