The Birketts Round Norfolk Relay
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The Round Norfolk Relay Constitution

1. Title and Logo.

The name of the race is the Round Norfolk Relay (RNR). The event logo is the letters RNR surrounded by three green swatches depicting the Norfolk county boundary.

2. Objective.

The objective of the race is to stage a long distance, multi-terrain and continuous relay following as closely as possible the Norfolk county boundary. The event will be staged in accordance with rules issued by the permitting authority.

3. Management.

  1. The race shall be run under the auspices of Athletics Norfolk who shall have the authority to determine general policy governing the conduct of the RNR. The Chairman of the RNR Committee (or his/her nominated deputy) will be a voting member of Athletics Norfolk. Each affiliated (EA or ARC) club located in Norfolk shall be entitled to cast one vote on matters related to the RNR.
  2. The day-to-day management of the race will be vested in a committee, known as the RNR Committee (RNRC) that will consist of the Chairman/Race Director, Deputy Race Director, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be Officers of the race, together with a maximum of five other members including the Operations Manager, Course Manager and the IT Manager.
  3. The presence of at least one Officer and three other members will constitute a quorum.
  4. The RNRC will meet as necessary, usually just prior to the NRRC meetings, including an AGM which will normally be held in January.
  5. A Support Group, with the task of assisting the RNRC, will be established to assist in the organisation of the race. The composition of the Support Group will be determined by the RNRC.

4. Finance and Property.

  1. A bank account will be maintained in accordance with a Statement of Operation and audited annually as soon as practicable after the race. Once audited, the account will be posted on the race website.
  2. The account will operate on two signatories, one of whom will be the Treasurer and the other a member of the RNRC.
  3. Property purchased or donated, including perpetual trophies, for use in connection with the race will be recorded in a register maintained by the Treasurer.
  4. Should the race cease to exist, any money left in the account after all creditors have been paid will be disbursed on instructions of the Athletics Norfolk.

5. The Website.

The race will maintain a website: which will incorporate the rules and conditions for the race.

6. Race President.

The honorary appointment of President can be conferred upon an individual who, in the view of two thirds of Athletics Norfolk, has made a significant personal contribution to the race. The President may attend RNRC meetings but will not have the right to vote.

7. The Constitution.

The Constitution may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at an AGM or a Special General Meeting of Athletics Norfolk carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of members eligible to vote.