The 31st Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

RNR Newsletter August 2017

Race Director Neville Knights has produced a newsletter which pulls together all this year's changes (major and minor) together with a summary of all the other stuff that you should be aware of. This highly recomended read can be viewed and downloaded (pdf) here.

As the number of participating teams continues to grow we are increasingly aware of issues surrounding the safety of runners - accordingly Neville has also produced a further document detailing team risk considerations. This is essential reading - view and download this here. In the light of recent high profile issues of health and safety, the RNR committee are fully aware of, and will discharge their responsibilities to protect our runners. Likewise, all participating teams must take equal responsibilty for their own actions - the observation of safety rules is mandatory

Photogaphic competition

For his years photocomp we are inviting entries in the categories 'Runners and riders' and 'Inside the support vehicle!'. There will be a £50.00 for the winners in each category. Full details of how to enter can be veiwed here.

You can view previous years competition entries here inluding last years winners Lauren Bradshaw of Cambridge and Coleridge (Wind vs shelter) and Philip Donlan of Framlington Flyers (A quick getaway).

Changes to Stage 5

To protect runners from traffic, the route taken on stage 5 after runners have passed through Laburnham Caravan Park has been amended. Details of this are described in notes 5s to 5u of the stage description. Check this out here.

Sandringham Estate reccie dates

For security reasons the Sandringham Estate have asked that no trial runs or reconnaissances are carried out over their land, prior to the race, without permission. To enable runners to reccie this part of the route (stage 1), they have advised us that runners can have access to the estate at the following times:
Sunday 3rd September: 8:00am to 11:00am
Sunday 10th September: 8:00am to 11:00am

Team and individual appearances

The Round Norfolk Relay is grateful to the runners and teams who constantly return year after year to take part in this truly unique event. We are rightly proud of our iconic status and are delighted to acknowledge our 'ever presents' by the award of appearance medals to both teams and individuals alike. This year (2016) we celebrated the 20th of many impressive appearances by City of Norwich Athletic Club and the 10th appearances of Cambridge and Coleridge AC, Felixstowe Road Runners, Pink and Blacks and Thetford AC. It was also great to welcome newcomers London Front Runners, Bure Valley Harriers, Wellingborough AC and North Herts Road Runners - we look forward to seeing you back next year for your RNR "fix".

On an individual basis it's worth noting that Richard Sales, the Godfather of the RNR completed his 26th appearance this year. Close behind, of those still competing, is Ray Lindsay of Norwich Road Runners on 23 performances. We look forward to them both notching up additional appearances in this and future years...the race is on for thirty appearances and possibly the prize of "freedom of the city of Norwich" (no promises...but you never know!)

Our records reveal that there will be several candidates up for 10 and 20 year appearance awards (as always). To help you evaluate your longevity entitlement we will be updating the all time race appearance data. You can check this out (and complain if you think we've got it wrong!) by visiting our all time appearances page.