The 31st Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

Parking in the carpark opposite 'The Heron' public house


Stowbridge to Kings Lynn

11.73 miles

Minimum age 17 yrs

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Full facilites are available at Lynnsport

17a. Retrace the road for 360 metres back over the bridge and take the 1st right in to 'Low Road leading to Stow Road' (TF 600 069). ⚠ Beware of traffic when turning right.
17b. Continue straight on for 2.85 miles in to Magdalen and turn right at the road junction signed 'Watlington' (TF 597 114). Continue for 0.25 miles passing the church and The Cock Inn on the left. Cross over the bridge and turn immediately left up on to the Great Ouse river bank (TF 600 113) and follow Fen Rivers Way path. ⚠ Beware of traffic when turning right.
17c. Follow the Fen Rivers Way for 2 miles passing the ruined church at Wiggenhall St Peter to where the path crosses the road at Wiggenhall St Germans (TF 596 140). ⚠ There is a small chance of cattle grazing. Do not approach them and slow to a walk to get past them if necessary. Do not get between cows and calves as they will be protective of their young.
17d. Cross over the road by the Crown & Anchor public house. Go back up on to the river bank and follow the Fen Rivers Way.
17e. After 2.4 miles and on approaching the power station (TF 604 173) bear right, passing over the bridge and sluice gates. ⚠ You may hear an automated warning announcement as you cross the bridge.
17f. 70 metres after the bridge and sluice gates look for the Fen Rivers Way footpath sign and turn left.
17g. Follow the tarmac footpath for 0.9 miles going under the A47 road bridge to where the path crosses a minor road (TF 613 184). Cross this road carefully (⚠ medium risk) and go straight over to pick up the tarmac footpath. Do not follow the road. ⚠ Beware of trafic when crossing the road.
17h. Continue on the path for 0.65 miles to the junction of paths and the road. Bear left past the small brick building (TF 617 193).
17i. Follow the road for 320 metres passing the old gateway on the right. Proceed to the T-junction and turn left.
17j. Follow the road for 0.4 miles (South Quay) (TF 616 195) bearing right at the end of the quay to the road junction by the old customs house,
17k. Turn left into King Street and run 250 metres to Tuesday Market Place car park (TF 616 203). Go straight over the mini roundabout and run round Market Place to the far corner and enter St Nicholas Street. Continue for 250 metres to the next junction. Turn left into St Annes Street. Run 250 metres past the church and bear right to the traffic lights. Turn left at the traffic lights (TF 619 205).
17l. Follow the road 150 metres round to the left next to a set of traffic lights. Turn right into Loke Road (TF 619 206) ⚠ Caution: high risk point, and go straight on for 600 metres to a mini roundabout. ⚠ Beware of traffic when turning right.
17m. At the mini roundabout go straight on for 300 metres to leave the Price Right shop, on the right hand side, to the second road junction.
17n. Take the second turning right signed for Lynnsport into Greenpark Avenue (TF 626 209). ⚠ Beware traffic when turning right. Follow the directional arrows and marker tape for the final 550 metres to the entrance of the track. On entering the track go straight on to the finish (TF 634 211).

Guidelines For Support Vehicles On Stage 17

17V(a) At Magdalen, when runners turn right into Church Road 17(b), support vehicles continue straight ahead onto Lynn Road. Signed 'Tilney St Lawrence' and 'Wiggenhall St Germans'.
17V(b) After 0.3miles, the main road bends sharply to the left. Support vehicles continue straight ahead into Fitton Road. Signed 'Wiggenhall St Germans'
17V(c)  Follow all twists and turns of this road for 1.5miles. Runners will cross this road  at the Crown and Anchor pub just over the bridge.
17V(d) Continue on this road for a further 2.7miles to a roundabout. Take 2nd exit signed 'Kings Lynn A47
17V(e) After 0.5miles at the major roundabout over the A47, take the 3rd exit signed 'Town Centre','South Lynn' and 'Greenland Park'
17V(f)  In 0.2miles at the next roundabout, go straight over to 'Town Centre'
17V(g) In a further 0.2miles go straight over at the mini roundabout
17V(h)  After 0.3miles take 2nd exit off the major roundabout controlled by traffic lights signed 'Town centre'. Pass through the South Gates archway into London Road.
17V(i)  After 0.5mile turn left at the traffic lights down Millfleet to ' Old Town' and 'South Quay'.
17V(j)  At the mini roundabout, turn left into South Quay and bear right to follow the main road. Runners will join from the left at Hardings Way (17(i)). Follow the race route to Lynnsport.