The 31st Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

Ample parking at the changeover


Cley to Cromer

10.81 miles

Minimum age 16 yrs

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Public toilets and a kiosk selling light refreshments here

5a. On leaving the car park follow the wire fence on the right for 150 metres. At the pillbox bear right across the shingle aiming for the grass path by the fence.
5b. As the grass path ends, continue straight on for 100 metres aiming for the path on the landward side of the shingle bank.
5c. Continue for 1.75 miles on the landward side of the shingle bank. Where the path ends aim for the pillbox, passsing on the right to follow the grass path. Continue for 400 metres to Salthouse car park. Note: this car park is closed and therefore not an access point. Runners should carry their own water if required.
5d. Take the easiest route through the car park to the gap to the right hand side of the high ground in front of you. Follow the fence past the NT sign (Gramborough Hill) and continue for 1 mile in an easterly direction with the shingle bank on your left.
5e. On reaching a low bank across your path (TG 095 439) go straight ahead across the small car park, aiming for the sign over the wooden fencing. Follow the Coastal Path acorn at this point. Do not take the obvious paths to the right.
5f. Go through the gap in the fencing onto Kelling Hard keeping the fence to your right hand side and following the obvious shingle path for 1 mile to Weybourne car park.
5g. From the car park at Weybourne Hope (TG 110 436) (access point), follow the cliff path for 700 metres towards Sheringham to pass to the right of the cottages.
5h. Pass through a kissing gate (TG 116 435) and turn left down a lane. After about 50 metres turn right through another kissing gate and continue for 2 miles along the cliff path towards a prominent coastguard lookout on top of the hill in the distance.
5i. Continue past the left hand side coastguard lookout (TG 148 434) for 0.4 miles towards Sheringham.
5j. On reaching the cliff walk continue 150 metres past the pond and immediately before the steps by the shelters turn right and then immediately left back down the slope towards the promenade passing under the bridge (TG 154 435). Turn right down the slope and continue for 100 metres along the promenade. Note: vehicles should avoid the front at Sheringham which is expected to be very congested. ⚠ Cycles are not allowed on the promenade in Sheringham.
5k. Cross the bridge over the slipway but keep left at the fork to continue for 600 metres along the promenade.
5l. Go past the beach cafe and the beach huts. Do not continue to the end of the promenade but turn right up the steps (becoming a slope) immediately after beach hut '25" and 'Blossom' (steps to beach are opposite) and pass the converted toilets (TG 162 434).
5m. At the top of the slope turn left for 50 metres and continue straight ahead as the road becomes a well-defined path indicated by the Coastal Path Acorn. Follow the path for 500 metres.
5n. On reaching the foot of the hill (TG 167 433) use the steps to go over and down the hill, keeping to the well-defined path.
5o. Continue straight ahead for a further 400 metres and on arriving at field ignore the coastal path and arrow indicating right and continue along the cliff towards the caravan park.
5p. Go through the Beeston Regis caravan park (TG 172 432) bearing left at the fire point and keeping the cliffs immediately on the left hand side. ⚠ Take care on this path as there has been some cliff erosion recently
5q. Exit the caravan park and continue for 500 metres to another smaller caravan park using the same footpath.
5r. Go through the Laburnham Caravan Park staying close to the fence on the left hand side. As the caravan park road bends to the right continue in the general direction of the coastal path to cross over a grassy area.
5s. After about 120 metres go through the obvious gap in the small earth bank indicated by the reverse of a sign on two posts (TG 181 432). Turn right immediately and follow the path for 100 metres down to the road across the field, keeping the hedge on the right hand side - aim for the radio mast in the distance (TG 182 430).
5t. Turn left and in 30 metres at the 30mph sign turn right onto the marked footpath heading towards the main road.
5u. Continue for 350 metres on the path until it meets the A149 at (TG 183 427). Turn left and follow the main road for 1.6 miles.
5v. At the gap in the fence, just after the entrance to Wymonham Holiday Park and opposite Clifton Park, turn left to enter the grassed area and head diagonally across towards the fence along the cliff.
5w. At the fence turn right and continue for 350 metres to the change over (TG 210 425) at the entrance to the car park.

Access point at Salthouse junction A149 with beach road signed
"To Beach" (TG 210 425)

NB. Runners must be given a copy of this stage description.